Why Lands Are Important?

TIME TO KNOW MORE ABOUT LANDS 🔥✨ Let’s find out why lands are required and what are the benefits of having lands in Monsters Clan NFT Game.

Why Are Lands Important?

Monsters Clan is a first-ever third-person game that revolves around the Monsters, their lifestyle, and their own era. Having land is like having land for your Monsters to stay on their own specific piece of land where they could prepare themselves for upcoming fights.

In order to participate in upcoming fights either PVP fights, Clan Battles, or tournaments, one must have land for his monsters to stay and get prepared. In case you can’t afford to buy land, you can easily take it on rent for a very minimal rental price. Soon landowners will be able to rent out their lands as well. Participation in fights will let you have a chance to win and earn rewards like Coins, Gems, NFTs, and even $MONS. Read What is required to play the Monsters Clan game.


Benefits of Lands

Before we discuss every specific land, let’s find out the overall benefits of having land plots.

  • Become eligible to participate in fights.
  • Get a free coin box to store game coins
  • Get a free warehouse to store potions and monster feeds.
  • Earn passive income in $MONS by renting out lands at the minimal rental cost to those who can’t afford to buy a plot but want to play the game to earn.
  • Get special items like Gem Tree, Mystery Hole, and Volcano mountain to keep earning gems.
  • NFT Staking (Coming soon)

Let’s have a quick look at every land of the Monstel planet. You can also read Story Book: Chapter 1 to know how it all started.

1- Aloha Island Plot

Presenting you an economical and environment-friendly Aloha Island plot surrounded by lots of trees. This Aloha Island plot is an ideal place for you to set up for your Monsters. Having a good area with a refreshing environment is all you need to have a good boost to start your Monsters Clan Game career. Aloha Island Plot comes along with 1 free Basic Coin Box.

Total Land Area: 2500 Sq m

2- Monstruto Island Plot

The Monstruto Island plot is a very special land having such a big space for you to set up everything you want for your Monsters. From Laboratories to caves, everything can be set up in this Monstruto Island Plot. Moreover, 1 free Standard Coin Box and a gem tree come along with the Monstruto Island plot.

Gem Tree is a special tree that comes along with Monstruto land only. This special tree generates 3 gems a day so you will be earning free gems and you can use those gems to speed up potion creation, feed creation, and speeding up other time-bound operations of the game.

Total Land Area: 5000 Sq m

3- Howlers Tropic Island Plot

Howlers Tropic Island plot is such a fabulous land having a bigger space for you and your monsters. Set up your laboratories, caves, cauldron, and whatever you want as a part of your game strategy. Having a rich and fertile land, Monstruto Tropic Island plot comes along with 1 free super coin box and a mystery hole.

A Mystery Hole is a special feature of this land that generates 5 gems a day from the soil of Howlers Tropic Island.

Total Land Area: 7000 Sq m

4- Bloodhill Island Plot

Presenting one of the most premium and top-level land, Bloodhill Island Plot. This land has the biggest space than any other Island on the Monstel planet. Bloodhill Island reflects legacy, horror, and a place for deadliest monsters. This is an ideal and premium level Island you could have to set up for your Monsters to have a great career in Monsters Clan NFT Game. Besides having such a big area, Bloodhill Island Plot comes along with 1 free premium coin box and a volcano mountain built by default.

Volcano mountain is a special mountain hill that generates 8 gems a day so you will be earning free gems and you can use those gems to speed up potion creation, feed creation, and speed up other time-bound operations of the game.

Total Land Area: 10,000 Sq m

*Remember if you rent out your land plot to someone, you will be able to rent out the whole land plot, not in the form of portions.

Stay tuned for official announcements about Renting through Monsters Clan Official channels.

About Monsters Clan

Monsters Clan is a first-ever third-person and user-controlled NFT game based on Blockchain. An NFT game that allows players to buy, own, train, and play their Monsters in different battles and tournaments to earn and win. Monsters Clan also offering a Rent NFTs feature to let users generate passive income in $MONS by renting out their NFTs to other players. $MONS is a BEP 20 token that can be used to buy, sell, or rent game NFTs through the Monsters Clan NFT marketplace.

For more information, visit MonstersClan.com or Read Whitepaper (Grumpy Paper)

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