The FIRST EVER Viral NFTs launched on MELON

2 min readOct 14, 2021

Today, creators push their content on centralized platforms. Platforms take away 90% of the revenue generated by this content

Users and fans spend hours a day engaging on the platforms and supporting creators…yet, they get nothing in return

#NFTs will change this

There’s so much to be excited about! Such as viral NFTs: viral social content turned into rare collectible NFTs…thus viral becomes rare and valuable

That’s what Melon about to launch. Hopefully adding huge value + mainstream adoption to #NFTs!

Own your favorite creators’ top social moments

Build your very own NFT collection

Redeem exclusive rewards from the creators

Trade super rare, viral NFTs for profit!

The slickest user interface

The FIRST & ONLY NFT platform built for creators and fans

All your favorite influencers’ top content in one place

Easily redeem unique rewards

Non-custodial: we don’t control your funds

The next big thing in the #NFT space?

Viral NFTs = top social content from major influencers turned into rare collectibles

#NFTs make any digital asset limited in supply, and verifiable in ownership. For the FIRST TIME EVER, viral posts become rare, valuable assets

The next-level digital collectibles are coming on!! Viral NFTs combine the virality of social media and the scarcity of NFTs: Top creators with millions of followers and views on their content

Awesome rewards for fans to claim

For the FIRST TIME EVER…you can now OWN, COLLECT, and TRADE viral content in NFT form

100 major influencers signed up with 250M+ followers