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5 min readSep 2, 2021

Greetings Singularitarians!

We are extremely excited to announce that as of today, August 2nd, the SingularityDAO Beta is live to the world! SingularityDAO is an AI powered Portfolio Management platform that brings you diverse baskets of crypto tokens controlled by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

On June 25th we announced the SingularityDAO Beta test to the community and invited anyone interested to join us in testing the platform. Many of you immediately reached out to take part, so many and so quickly in fact, that we had to stop accepting new people after only a few hours!

The 40 community members who joined us did an amazing job and filed over 100 reports giving incredibly useful feedback, from bugs to suggestions and enhancements.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the testers for their time and hard work. Thank you to our community too for all the input you have given over the last months, which has and will continue to help us build the best AI-DeFi platform on the market.

On Sunday August 1st we took the final snapshot for the ongoing Airdrop so you are now free to move your AGIX tokens as you wish. As you know, on August 13th the final Airdrop Registration will open, but around that time you will notice a new feature. You will of course still be able to register and claim as usual, but there will be a new option on the portal, ‘Stake’. This button will take all unclaimed rewards, as well as any month 4 rewards and redirect them to our newly launched Bonded Staking portal.

Bonded Staking has a max cap of 3,500,000 SDAO total in the staking pool as well as a max contribution per wallet of 25,000 SDAO.

Those staking directly from the Airdrop Portal will be given priority and a guaranteed allocation to Epoch 1 Bonded Staking.

Today we open the SingularityDAO Beta for everyone to use. You will be able to swap your SDAO, provide liquidity to AGIX/ETH, SDAO/ETH, AGIX/USDT, SDAO/USDT pools, earn LP tokens and use them to farm SDAO and also stake both your current and earned SDAO for additional rewards.

With the launch of our Beta we invite you to use our platform to manage your SDAO related assets and take part in farming and staking to earn more.

  • Swap
  • Add liquidity
    Provide Liquidity to UniSwap Pools:
  • Farm
    Farm SDAO by staking LP tokens from these UniSwap Pools:
  • Stake
    Stake SDAO — Earn SDAO rewards

Farming and staking incentives will run in Epochs. The platform will launch with Epoch 0, which includes farming rewards for AGIX/ETH, SDAO/ETH, AGIX/USDT and SDAO/USDT pools.

Epoch 0 will run up to the launch of Epoch 1 which will include bonded staking for extra rewards and begin on August 18th.

From Epoch 1, Staking will come in two versions

  • Flexible Staking
  • Bonded Staking
    Max SDAO locked: 3,500,000
    Max contribution per wallet: 25,000 SDAO

Please take a look at the graphs below for a full breakdown of information regarding staking.

Please visit our GitBook for more detailed information and guides on how to use these features.

Our launch today lays the foundation for everything still to come, so let’s take a deeper look at some of the features coming to the platform soon.

Smart Contract Infrastructure — Our dev team is hard at work building the smart contract infrastructure that is the backbone of the platform, it will support our AI’s and traders as they execute trading strategies and rebalance portfolios. Some of these contracts are currently being audited, with more being worked on. This will be ongoing work as more contracts get added to support the ever increasing network of AI Agents managing our funds.

Bonded Staking — Unlike regular staking where you earn rewards for as long as your tokens remain unmoved and can withdraw at any time, bonded staking allows you to lock your SDAO for a period of time to earn greater rewards, as well as additional perks that will be revealed closer to the time.

DynaSets — We are working hard to release DynaSets as soon as possible, it won’t be long before the first few are ready for launch and are available for participation. DynaSets are at the very core of what we are building here at SingularityDAO and the first one is right around the corner. We can’t wait to let you all try it out for yourselves!

Governance Platform — We are also currently preparing to launch the Governance Portal and our first voting event. Details of the event will be revealed closer to the time. We have some really exciting plans for the governance portal and can’t wait for you all to experience true Decentralized Finance and Governance.

Launchpad — SingularityDAO is one of many projects incubated by SingularityNET and what better place to launch the coming Spin-Offs than from our very own launchpad. A project launched by SingularityDAO would be eligible to join a DynaSet and benefit from increased liquidity and the trading volume that comes with it. To begin with this will be SingularityNET Ecosystem projects and partners, but in the future it will be possible for other projects to apply.

AI Agents — While the very first release of the platform will see DynaSets controlled by our team of professional traders, the AI team are hard at work preparing our first AI Agents to start helping out.

Currently our Artificial Intelligence team is building portfolio management tools, evolutions of the type used in traditional finance (like the Markowitz portfolio) as well as new and original tools unique to Crypto and DynaSets. Adjusting these traditional tools for cryptocurrency markets is an interesting problem as they behave differently to traditional markets — they are much more volatile and the assets (cryptocurrencies) are far more correlated to one another, meaning that risk management needs to be approached in very different ways.

The AI team is also heavily focused on using machine learning for price prediction and are currently testing the already developed methodology and architecture against varying time intervals and market conditions for different assets and trading pairs. For more information about what the AI team are up to, from research papers to backtesting results, please visit our GitBook.

Before any of these features can be added, we need a working platform and with today’s release that becomes a reality. This is a major step on the journey to fully AI powered DeFi.

Welcome to SingularityDAO!

Visit to take part.

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