Prospects for blockchain ecosystem and the role of Bot Planet in them.

Bot Planet is a DeFi project that creates a complex decentralized multi chain ecosystem, the core of which will be our $BOT token.

It’s a multichain ecosystem built under the UX of an NFT-based P2E game. It also has a unique wallet with a built-in NFT marketplace, DEX, seasonal NFT and token airdrops, and a game-based multifunctional messenger. So, Bot Planet offers flawless in-game transactions.

So seamless that you won’t even notice there’s a blockchain involved. There’s also easy and great accessibility to all of our products through the BOT wallet. You can also get diverse staking rewards from earning experience in the game to earning tokens. It also has an independent NFT marketplace to publish and trade your NFTs. There’s also the opportunity to multiply your daily earnings through its daily lottery and also earn through engaging with ads.

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