Basics about The Monopolist

Preserving the core rules of the classic Monopoly game, in The Monopolist, you need to join in a 1-vs-4 battle then leverage your skills to build your own strategy, aimed to take the lead over the remaining players and take all of those people’s money. Breakthrough improvements, nonetheless, will turn the in-game virtual assets that you worked hard to get into real money. That’s a “ping” in your bank account balance! 💸

What are these improvements?

Blockchain Version

This is the most clearly seen difference between The Monopolist and its prototype. Unlike traditional online Monopoly games, this blockchain-based Monopoly with the “Decentralization” feature, enables you to master the game, that you can keep track of other players’ moves, and all your transactions from trading to purchasing. Thus rest assured that, common issues such as losing in-game rewards due to crashes in the mid-match, or you lose internet connection after winning a battle, and your account is suspended, will not occur in The Monopolist. That also guarantees data security and fairness for all players.

Stellar game art

The classic “legendary” Board of the original Monopoly is still conserved in The Monopolist, but with sharper and more sophisticated image quality. Our talented design team is always careful and meticulous in every detail of the game interface, from the background scenes to every sound and effect when you move during the playing. In addition to the normal characters set, the Legendary-tier Characters are inspired by real-life KOLs, who have huge influencers not only on the crypto community but also on the whole world, such as Elon Musk, Vitalik, Nayib Bukele, and BCZ (Changpeng Zhao) as were introduced before on The Monopolist’s official channels. And the number is not gonna stop here, as we will come up with more and more cool characters to give players broader choices.

Staking and Farming features

Surely, you are no stranger to these 2 features if you are a Play-to-Earn games enthusiast. And if you are newbies to this field, you must know that these 2 features are indispensable in Play-to-Earn games and NFT games as well. By staking, you can earn more $MONO tokens: The more tokens you stake, the higher incentive values you can get. With the high APY in all Farming Pools, you can choose any pool to earn more tokens under the passive income form. About farming, you need to collect your characters with a higher rank and more medals as possible, in order for more $MONO and $MOB tokens as your unlimited passive income.

Financial Benefits

This must be what you have been waiting for the most, right? Indeed, in The Monopolist’s economy, we share our revenue with players by issuing a massive amount of tokens. Thanks to the Blockchain’s advances, the token is the in-game payment method for all transactions between players without relying on third-party payment. When you become the winner of any battles, you will earn tokens, especially have chances to receive new characters, materials, or items, which you can bring to the NFT market for real money exchange. Furthermore, the cost per transaction will also be cheaper for you all 😉!



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