$NFTD is Officially Listed on HotBit

$NFTD, the governance and utility token of the NFTrade platform, plays a vital role within our ecosystem, so we want to make sure it is as accessible as possible to our global audience of users. $NFTD has already been listed on a variety of centralized and decentralized exchanges, such as Gate.io, PancakeSwap, Trader Joe, and more, and now, we are happy to announce the official listing of $NFTD trading on HotBit, one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

With this listing, users will be able to deposit $NFTD and trade with a $NFTD/$USDT trading pair! $NFTD trading on HotBit has already begun, and as a bonus, makers will receive a 0.30% bonus for all orders they create that are filled. We are excited to offer our userbase this new trading option, and look forward to working with the HotBit team to make $NFTD as accessible as possible.

About NFTrade

NFTrade is the first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform. We are an aggregator of all NFT marketplaces and host the complete NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, swap, farm, and leverage NFTs across different blockchains. Using NFTrade, anyone can gain access to the entirety of their NFT, unlocking the total value of the NFT market.

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