4 min readApr 20, 2022


Lost Worlds is an innovative NFT ecosystem that incorporates both the real world and the metaverse to establish an augmented community that devours exploration, digital assets, and the experience of life. Running on Avalanche, Lost Worlds encourages users to mint NFTs in real world locations, earn LOST tokens through exploring, and engage with NFTs in lieu of the world we already have.

The Lost Worlds Team

The creative team behind Lost Worlds is led by Quaison Carter who is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of Growth for the project. Quaison is a mastermind for growth hacking and has the skills and expertise with previous experience at General Assembly and Grey. Working alongside him is Head of Product Matevz, COO and Head of Design Chris, and CTO and Co-Founder simply known as the “Lost Architect”. Combined, the team has experience working with big companies like IBM, Celtra, and Daversa Partners.

The Lost Worlds staff is backed by prominent investors of the space including Iconplus Capital and Avalanche based investors Ava Labs, Avalaunch, and AVAX Wildlife. Additionally, Lost Worlds is partnering and collaborating with investors like AVentures DAO, SkyVision Capital, and projects like Chainlink and The Graph.

Understanding The Project

The concept of Lost Worlds is an ecosystem that understands NFTs completely but also wants to envision how NFTs can be part of the world we currently live in. Metaverses are an innovative technology but it can be an intimidating jump for some while discouraging making an adventure of the life we already have outside our windows. Lost Worlds incorporates geo-based NFTs that can be discovered and minted exclusively based on location. This adds a second layer of utility by offering new ways to interact and mint NFTs (very similar to the dynamics of Pokemon Go), creating a deeper level of community, and encouraging users to explore and earn money while doing so.

The Benefits

When using the Lost World platform, it comes with many benefits that are unique to the world of NFTs. Each of these benefits is part of a new dynamic that Lost Worlds sees with using NFTs and interacting with the world by exploring.

  • Explore 2 Earn: one of the highlights of the Lost Worlds platform is their Explore2Earn feature which literally allows users to earn money while trying to explore the world we live in using the Lost Worlds app. The app helps you locate NFTs around the world that are geographically discoverable. Once you mint the NFTs, you gain LOST tokens for minting and unlocking that NFT.
  • Geo-Tokenization for Events and Locations: using Lost Worlds and the concept of geo-NFTs creates the ability to merge NFTs with real world locations. This is very beneficial for things like concerts, conferences, sporting events, or vacation getaways that want to create exclusivity. Minting location based NFTs gives users the ability to literally capture the moment and take it home with them.
  • LOST Token: The Lost World platform is run by the LOST token, which gives many utilities including a reward system for minting NFTs, staking on the platform, voting proposals, and users building their own projects on the platform.
  • Creating User NFTs: users wil eventually be able to create their own geo-NFTs and launch their creations into the real world, giving an extra layer to the immersive experience of the platform. Users will have many ways to create and deploy their NFTs including a drag and drop feature for easy customization and usage.

What Audience Does It Attract?

The Lost Worlds platform is a very innovative approach to NFTs and also caters to a specific group of people, so it will definitely attract NFT enthusiasts while also attracting travelers and nomads alike — all of who seek adventure and something new. As the NFT communities and niche grows into a full blown sector of the blockchain world, projects like Lost Worlds become more attractive to the average user. These users like to enjoy something beyond NFTs as digital assets alone and wish to be part of a community experience.

The Value Proposition

There is an unlimited value proposition with geo-NFTs and platforms like Lost Worlds giving users a healthy way to generate them. The real world will always exist as long as the metaverse does, and geo-NFTs will give creators, companies, events, and locations the ability to digitize their location for users of interest. Over half the world population has access to a mobile device with 5.1 billion users across the globe. This creates instant access to geo-NFTs where people go naturally, which further enhance their experience if they travel.


Lost Worlds is a fully functioning platform that has enabled NFTs to a new level of activity. Using the best combinations of the real and digital worlds, Lost Worlds gives users the ability to mint locations, events, and more and get rewarded for doing so. Features like Explore2Earn give great utility while traveling the world you already live in, while LOST tokens are given for rewards and for users to create their own geo-NFTs. Lost Worlds is a multi-layers and deeply creative platform that is anything but lost.