How To Send Money Without Fees On Crypterium Wallet

  • Worldwide service
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Instant execution
  • Just need the recipient’s phone number

#1 — Launch Crypterium Wallet

Launch Crypterium Wallet on your device and click on the “Send” button located at the top of the screen. From the options available, select “By phone number”.

#2 — Select a currency balance

Now that you’ve found the right feature, it’s time to select the currency for this transaction. You pick any of the digital currencies on your Crypterium Wallet.

#3 — Enter a phone number or pick a contact

This feature makes it incredibly easy to send money worldwide. There’s no need to know the recipient’s bank account or personal details. All you need is their mobile number.

#4 — Enter the amount

Finally, enter the amount of money you would like to send. No limits nor fees. For your convenience, our system will automatically show an estimated amount in EUR below.

Got questions?

If you need further assistance to buy cryptocurrency or any other feature on Crypterium Wallet, our 24/7 support team is one click away. Chat with our specialists using our in-app messenger or write to us at



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