Buying properties in fractions on is as simple as buying shares on stock market. The process is very simple and requires you to download a chrome web extension Metamask.

It can be downloaded from this link [Click Here to Download Metamask] or you can simply visit and download the web extension.

On how to create an account with Metamask you can refer to this video:

Or this one below:

Now going ahead after you have installed Metamask you need to visit and sign up. The signup process is pretty simple and easy where you need to enter your email ID to confirm with an OTP that you will get on email and create a strong password to access.

The Aqar chain platform will ask you to switch to the MATIC network as the contracts on the aqar chain are on Polygon. Once you are logged in and have the Metamask with MATIC network you will need some funds to buy properties in your metamask matic network.

Here is a short tutorial on how you can move your USDT or USDC from ETH or BSC to MATIC network:

Once the Funds are available then it is a simple 2 step process.

Step 1: Select the number of shares that you would like to purchase, and approve the amounts to purchase through Metamask.

Step 2: Confirm the transaction on Metamask and your purchase is complete.

After this you will be able to see your purchased property share in the claimable balance on the Property page and also by going into the Dashboard you will see it in the My Portfolio Section.

Here is the Video Tutorial on How to Buy property on



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