FIO Release 3.0 Explained

  • Includes features for 11 FIPs ( including: FIP-1.b (xfer address), FIP-6 (xfer locked tokens), FIP-7 (Burn FIO Address), FIP-9 (Vote and proxy without FIO Address), FIP-10 (Redesign fee computations), FIP-11.a (Add bundled transactions), FIP-13 (Retrieve all pub addresses), FIP-16 (clio enhancements), FIP-18 (Chain level public addresses), FIP-19 (Retrieve all received FIO Requests), and FIP-25 (Return bundle transaction count in get_fio_names), 8 new API endpoints and modifications to 14 API endpoints

Release Overview

FIP-1(b) — Enable users to transfer FIO Addresses

FIP-6 — Enable the locking of FIO tokens

FIP-7 — Provide the ability to burn a FIO Address

FIP-9 — Vote for block producers and proxy votes without a FIO Address

FIP-10 — Make it easier for Block Producers to update FIO transaction fees

FIP-11(a) — Enable users to purchase FIO transaction bundles

FIP-13 — Retrieve all public addresses for a FIO Address

FIP-16 — CLIO enhancements for Block Producers and developers

FIP-18 — More easily map ERC-20 tokens to your FIO Address

FIP-19 — Enable wallets to efficiently retrieve FIO Request data

FIP-25 — Access bundled transaction count

FIO performance improvements

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