Discover Dreem, the ‘metaverse pipe,’ in 30 seconds

2 min readFeb 24, 2022


Hello 👋 and welcome to Dreem

1. Which Dreemer are you?

Builders create metaverse assets using tools like Unity, and sell assets as NFTs

Buyers customize realms using these NFTs and own their own realms, setting the realms tax and voting rules

Communities access these realms through Avatars, and can participate in realm governance

So… which are you?

Note: you can be all three. Read more…

1a. if you’re an artist or builder, create metaverse assets and sell them

To learn more about how you can create on Dreem, go to the Dreem Creator Manual. Our manual is a WIP, designers and 3D illustrators (in addition to technical people) have found it useful.

1b. if you’re a Buyer, wanting to own your own Realm

There is no cost to buy land or own a certain token to start your own Realm DAO. You can customize how your realm looks (see 1c), or build your own assets, and set the realms transaction tax, voting rights and its privacy settings.

1c. if you’re part of a Community, discover your tailor made metaverse, today!

Download Dreem on your desktop and access the realms through Avatars 👉