Decentraboard: Roadmap update V2


DECENTRABOARD or the ‘ENVOY Billboard’ is the first NFT curated billboard with a unique ambition, soon to be discovered in its roadmap.

Furthermore, DECENTRABOARD is the centerpiece of the extraordinary ‘Avalon’ artwork. By claiming your spot on the billboard you’ll be able to showcase your brand, company or gimmick in the digital and maybe even further…

That’s not all, by launching DECENTRABOARD it obviously will become one of the most well known NFT fueled billboards in the world. Each slot is minted as an NFT and comes with an unique rare art piece of your slot, that grants you the rights on publishing images on the billboard, in line with our terms.

Sold out 🎉

We are excited and blessed with such a strong community, our first and second batch sold out under 1 hour. Looking back on the first batch we noticed some technicalities we quickly had to solve.

SNAPSHOT 7th September

Some key-numbers

  • 304 Unique NFTs sold-out
  • 138 Owners at the moment this Article is written
  • 100 ETH in volume after 2 days
  • Reached TOP #80/100 (24Hr) on
  • 2,5K buyers were on the website and couldn’t get in
  • Slots already sold for 10x the amount on secondary market

Learnings from selling out batch #1 and #2

  • High demand on Blockchain Nodes requests (over 3.5mil)
  • Needs NFT verification through
  • IPFS may not be the ideal solution long-term to store the temporary showcased image
  • User interface and journey needs improvements
  • Gas fees are ridiculous when changing the image and info of a slot
  • Needs a verification process that detects content not allowed by the terms and agreement

Marketing Campaign

Now that our platform and system is battle tested by the community we are ready to move to the larger crypto community and mainstream audience.

Our Marketing Team is working closely together to launch a hypergrowth campaign that will push Decentraboard to the next level.

First mover advantage

In a fast moving industry you have to take risks innovating and creating disruptive products like Decentraboard.

Our ambition is the make Decentraboard an iconic Billboard in the history of advertising, everyone will remember the first NFT curated Billboard many years later because we are a first mover in this market.

ENVOY community members are getting the opportunity to be part of this in a very early stage and we are very thankful for all of the support.

Platform Roadmap V2

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Users already actively used the platform features and we got a lot of valuable feedback (thanks!🙌). This helps us improve the product faster and more focused on what the end-user experiences.

Our developer Team is currently already pushing version 2 with much needed upgrades.

Short term features:

  • Add a FAQ to the website
  • Build a support ticketing system
  • Reduce GAS fees for changing the slot information and image
  • Resize and crop images in the UI
  • Adding a world map with pins on exact locations where we will hold an exhibition

Photo by GeoJango Maps on Unsplash

  • Include pictures taken at the exact location so people see the footprint of our Billboard around the world, this can be social media driven with #hashtags
  • Verification mechanism for content that violates our terms and agreement
  • COMMUNITY PROPOSAL: Add a QR code to the exhibition for easy onboarding to the website
  • COMMUNITY VOTING: Would you like more info/fields attached to a slot? e.g contact details? Please vote in our dedicated Discord channel

Possible long term features:

  • COMMUNITY PROPOSAL: Rent out your slot to other users (Easy to use UI)
  • Create a second Billboard that allows verified NFTs only to showcase and promote them

Exhibition kick-off

First time ever at iconic Times Square in NYC

16, 17 and 18th of September 2021


  • Image snapshot will be taking at 2PM CEST on 8th of September 21'. This means all images on display will be used in the final render for Times Square if they pass the terms and agreement filter

Next location to be announced soon

Stay tuned!

FAQ highlights (will update)

Can I change my image whenever i want? Will this also change the renders on the billboard?

Yes, you can change the image whenever you like.

But No, if the final snapshot is taken for that particular exhibition it will not change the image live.

Can I sell my slot?

Yes, there is a verified collection on that already has a decent secondary sale volume.

Two ways:

Will there be more iconic locations in the real world and Metaverse?

Yes, we are launching a calendar very soon and want to explore Metaverse games as well.

Supported image types?

.png .gif .jpeg

Use case: Showcase your High-End NFTs

We noticed some slot owners displayed their High-End NFTs.. evaluating and talking to the community we quickly discovered that they love to #flex their high-end NFTs and have the possibility to funnel traffic to that assets OpenSea page.

CryptoPunk #1805 on display

This has a few advantages for the NFT owner:

  • Build traffic for your OpenSea page
  • Showcase/Flex your High-End NFT on iconic places around the world
  • Recognition drives prices up for your NFT
  • Drive sales towards the NFT



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