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3 min readSep 1, 2021


SpaceDawgs | $DAWGS

With a fixed one trillion supply at launch, SpaceDawgs is eager to adopt the meme tradition because we want to captivate and inspire… and certainly no one would object to a meme-style price-rocket.

Appearances aside, a moonshot is not our primary mission. We are far more ambitious than that. Our ultimate goal is to be part of the unfolding paradigm shift in how users interact with crypto and payments globally. We aim to be a primary catalyst in the crypto revolution that is currently underway and we are building the tools to make that happen.

Recognizing that success will be driven by our community, the SpaceDawgs contract is designed to directly empower and enrich our users in several different ways:

· A percentage of every transaction fee is instantly redistributed to Dawg owners as transactions occur, providing immediate balance sheet feedback in favor of a long-term ‘hodl’ philosophy. As transaction volumes increase, the incentives for holding SpaceDawgs increase proportionally.

· A percentage of every transaction fee is burned, as another way of encouraging long-term holding, since the deflationary effect of burned supply will act as a slight upward bias in price pressure[1].

· A percentage of every transaction fee is distributed to charity which is initially focused on a Global Clean Water initiative. Though vitally important to health and well-being, water resources are often overlooked as an area of concern in the third world, so our growing contribution can have an outsized impact.

Leading the pack in utility

Additional Details:

The SpaceDawgs community is linked by Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The 2.5% fee assessed on every SpaceDawgs transaction is divided as follows:

· 1.00% — returned to current Dawg owners, proportionally

· 0.75% — burnt

· 0.25% — water resources Charity

· 0.25% — DAO

· 0.25% — developers

The DAO currently consists of 5 early contributors, each with long experience in both crypto and traditional finance, each fully committed to the long-term success of the project. By contract, additional members will be recruited from the community. We believe that full transparency is all that is required of a valuable product, and our contract (now immutable) provides this transparency [3].

Meme utility asset

Development has been, and will continue to be, a focus point. A tremendous amount of work has already been contributed, but there is always more to be done, especially at the DeFi level.

…But community is obviously the key. It always is. Our goal is to offer a better product in a transparent manner and we remain confident that community members will recognize this and actively contribute to its development.


SpaceDawgs DAO LLC

[1] An initial 1T supply will gradually decrease as transactions occur, but the contract limits total burn to 20% of initial supply, so total supply will never fall below 800B.

[2] http://opentransactions.org/wiki/Main_Page

[3] https://etherscan.io/token/0x9f8eef61b1ad834b44c089dbf33eb854746a6bf9